Helping Your Employees Become Better Performers

Effective managers do not just focus on trying to achieve company goals and meet performance deadlines. They are also responsible for molding better employees. Developing better employees make them valuable assets for the organization. Help turn your employees into better performers by following these tips.

Create positive challenges instead of issues.
When there is something that needs to be done, the way you present it to your employees can matter a lot. When there are certain challenges that you need to achieve, framing it the right way matters a lot. A good manager knows how to turn a challenge into a positive goal. How your employees will perceive the challenge can mean the difference between an exciting goal and an insurmountable task. Learn how to frame challenges into tasks that employees will find exciting to achieve.

Develop self-critical employees.
The most competent and improved employees are usually those who always try to evaluate themselves according to how they perform. Self-evaluation can help employees determine whether they have improved or not. Try to encourage employees to evaluate and analyze their own performance and abilities.

Provide mentors in the workplace.
Employee development and improvement can also be dependent on access to mentorship at the workplace. Young employees usually require guidance and instruction from experienced peers. It helps them develop faster with mentors who help young, inexperienced employees get through the ropes of the job and impart valuable wisdom as a result of experience. Experienced employees also benefit by learning how to handle people that they can take under their wing. It also helps foster better camaraderie, loyalty and improved job satisfaction in the workplace.

Avoid creating a failure-punishment office culture.
Certain challenges always come with the risk of failure. However, do not let that instill fear into your employees. This can happen if managers associate failure with punishment. If certain challenges come that requires unique solutions, employees may fail to perform because of the fear of failure and the punishment that may come with it. A good manager will allow failure and not associate it with any negative repercussions. That way, employees can think more creatively and help foster innovation at the workplace.

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