Motivation Killers At The Workplace

When it comes to working at the office, performance is dependent on proper motivation. If employees are motivated enough to excel, then they become very productive and perform well. But when people do not have the proper motivation, productivity can suffer. It is therefore important for employees to be motivated at the workplace. Unfortunately, certain factors may affect this and cause employees to perform way below what they are expected. Here are just some of the common motivation killers at the workplace.

Inadequate Office Space
Ideal office space should provide employees with a conducive place to work. But sometimes, some companies overlook this and try to cram as much people in a limited area as possible. As the office space becomes a crowded environment, it may no longer be a good place to work in. this can lower the employees’ motivation levels that can affect productivity.

Cultivating A Fear Of Failure
Companies would want to nurture a workforce that succeeds and performs better. The prevailing workplace mindset may contribute to this. One that will lessen motivation and reduce productivity is by instilling a fear of failure in the workplace. Some companies associate failure with punishment. Employees therefore start developing the fear for it. As a result, they start to take fewer chances, they open up less and less. Innovation is stifled because of the fear. The workforce may not be able to excel to the best of its abilities because of this.

Lack Of Initiatives For Self-Development
People are generally quite motivated to excel. But it takes some nurture and encouragement. Many employees also love learning new things and challenges. They always aim to become better and improved than when they started out with the company. If a company nurture this need for self-development by providing training and mentorship, employees become more motivated at work than when such opportunities are non-existent.

No Defined Objectives
Companies need to determine clear objectives and goals for the workforce. It helps them focus and guides their direction when it comes to what they need to accomplish. If a company’s goals and objectives are vague, it may cause confusion among its general workforce. Lack of focus can dampen their motivation to perform.

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