Making Good Managers Great

shutterstock_84365338Managers help make employees perform to the best of their abilities. They have the responsibility of providing teams with direction and motivation to reach a certain performance goal. Different types of managers make use of a variety of management styles that either work or they do not. But there are also common traits that make good managers great. Here are some of them.

Great managers show maturity and a great attitude.
One thing that makes managers great is their level of professional maturity. They do not get emotions in the way of the tasks and goals they need to achieve. They know that people look up to them for guidance and encouragement. They need to keep a strong and dependable aura that can inspire people to do more.

Great managers are honest and transparent.
Nothing can ruin a workforce than having a manager that likes to sugarcoat things. Hiding flaws or mistakes to give off a successful appearance does not always work in the long term. A great manager knows that honesty and transparency is a sign of a good leader. When there is bad weather ahead, great managers tell it like it is, never trying to dull down the pain. In the same way, great managers handle both praise and criticism equally according to how they see it. Employees also consider managers great if they have nothing to hide.

Great managers lead by example.
A sign of a great manager is that he or she is not afraid to get his or her hands dirty. When a job is needed and the employees have their hands full, the manager goes right down to contribute what he or she can to achieve certain tasks. Work usually involves team effort and a great manager gets down to business by doing what he or she says to employees.

Great managers learn how to use talent.
Great managers have a good nose for talent. They know how to find talented people to do tasks based on a person’s strengths. They know how to utilize talented people to the best of their abilities by providing tasks and goals that make full use of their skills. Great managers also know how to mentor great talent and guide them to become even better.

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